Saturday, November 21, 2009

highlights of the week

1. Spud read FIVE early reader books. (See details here if you are so inclined.)

2. I watched all the episodes of this season's Ugly Betty. We'd kind of decided not to keep up with it, but I ended up having enough evenings alone when I was working on sewing projects that I decided to watch it.

3. Glee was hilarious. So was 30 Rock. (I'm very grateful for good TV shows during the long, cold, dark winter.)

4. I got to order FREE photo cards! I also found another promo code and made up some flier type cards for my photography business.

5. I took pictures of my friend's daughter who turns 8 next month. She (and the pictures) are both very cute.

6. I sewed the hair on one of the dolls I'm making. It looks fabulous! I'm having so much fun making them, if only I had more time. I think I'll finish the ones I need to before Christmas, but it might be close!

7. I got to go out with a good friend to have milk shakes. It was yummy and fun, but next time we'll go to a place that isn't FREEZING so we can sit and chat instead of escaping back out to her car!

8. We finished up our second term for the year, and had a Fun Friday party to celebrate. Hooray for dance parties!


Debra said...

When did you start the homeschool blog? It's totally cool! I can't believe how much you three accomplish in a week. Lots of good ideas.

Maybe it wasn't the best idea to go for milkshakes when it's only 40 degrees outside. Nah! Who am I trying to kid. It's ALWAYS a good idea to get milkshakes. I'll brave the coldest cold for time with a milkshake and Min!

Mary said...

I don't know if I can compete with Ugly Betty, but I'd still love to work on Christmas crafts with you. That's probably what I should be doing now instead of catching up on blogs. ;o)

Mary said...

BTW, I love your family photo at the top of this blog.

Whitney said...

Mindy- I love your new picture at the top of your blog! It is super cute. I love this post too, just simple things to be happy and grateful for. Thanks!

mindy said...

Debra, I felt I needed some "accountability" for our homeschool, plus it helps me remember to take pictures and pay attention to what we do. And, sadly, sometimes just the motivation that I can put something on the blog (and feel kind of cool about doing it) is sufficient to do that extra project or craft. :o)

Mary, yes! Let me know when you have some time available. This next weekend I have family in town, but I think I could swing a weeknight, too. Debra, anythings you need to finish up?

All, thanks for liking my new banner. I was ridiculously excited about it. I kept looking at it. Maybe I need more excitement in my life, but I'll take what I can get!