Monday, November 09, 2009

for some reason....

when I widened my blog, it deleted my "blogroll" of friends' blogs. I'm in process of remembering/tracking down all my favorite blogs again, but if you could help me out by commenting here and I'll follow the trail back to your blog, that would be helpful.


Katie said...

come visit ;)

Blue said...

hi there,
i tried to email you but it bounced. and i can't find an email addy anywhere on your blog or profile, so here's what i was going to write you:

don't know if you planned to make photo cards (of any, baby, etc), but here's a great deal for 50 free custom photo cards with free shipping.

go here and order 50 4x8 photo cards.

once you put them in the cart, use the code newbaby at checkout and you should get the cards for free--including free shipping!

you must create an account to use the code (which is free and only took a moment). you don't even have to put in any credit card info for this, since there's no charge (if you only order the fifty 4x8 cards).

i don't have any idea how long this special deal lasts...but i just did mine tonight and it worked no problem so if you're interested, i would do it right away. it's really simple...took me 15 minutes to make an account, upload my photo, pick my design and order it.

i just thought it was such a great deal...a total blue-kind-of-deal, that hope you don't mind me passing this along to you.

blue ♥

mindy said...

Blue, thanks!!! I had a bit of trouble getting the order to process last night, but tried again this morning and it worked like a charm! I really appreciate you sharing that!

R and R said...

I love you! Thanks for the clothes, by the way.:)

R and R said...

I love you! Thanks for the clothes, by the way.:)