Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Like, Don't Like

Fish Edition

Cute little porcupine puffer fish. Doesn't he look like he's smiling and waving?

Don't Like
This fathead fish. Okay, maybe I like him a teensy bit, just because he's so ridiculously ugly, but overall, Don't Like.

Really Really Don't Like
I think these fish might actually be the spawn of Satan. The data isn't conclusive at this point, though.


babygonzo said...

AUGHHH!!! Those last two are SCARE-WY.

But fat fish...come one! He's quite cute in a fatty-boom-ba-laddy kinda way. i think he looks a bit like a cartoon rain cloud!

GoddessofBirth said...

The fat fish totally looks like Ziggy!

mindy said...

Jenn, okay, I concede that he does have some fatty-boom-ba-laddy charm. :o) I love the idea of him as a cartoon rain cloud!! hee hee!!

Shannon, you're right! It's all in the nose! And maybe the round head.

Mary said...

I was going to say fatty's lips make him look like a sad clown. Where does that thing live anyway?

The Satan fish are pretty scary, but I do think it's cool that some animals light up or produce electricity. I think its lights are some sort of fluorescent gas, right? (I hope I'm not showing my fish ignorance to someone who lives with an ichthyologist.)

R and R said...

I didn't know fish had noses... or lips.:) The fathead fish probably ought to take a few laps around the aquarium--it might even make him smile!

andrea said...

ha ha!