Thursday, December 18, 2008

what a difference . . .

a day makes.

Isn't it funny that sometimes even though nothing has changed, sometimes it feels like something has? Thanks to some prayers (by me & others, I'm sure) and some hugs and kind words from good friends, and David feeling more hopeful about work and things, today seems much brighter and tolerable than yesterday.

So, keep praying for us. I think they're helping. :o)


Debra said...

I was about to comment on yesterday's post when I saw this one. I don't get how our brains work and why sometimes stuff gets to us, and sometimes it doesn't. What was God thinking when he created emotions?

Nothing crappy lasts forever. Only the good stuff does, right? Unless, I suppose, you suck as a human, than maybe some bad stuff will stick around for eternity. But you don't fall into that category so don't sweat it. What I'm trying to say, and what I know you already know, is that even though you've been dealing with this trial for an admittedly long period of time, it WILL come to an end.

In the meantime, you bet you're getting extra mention in people's prayers.

Mary said...

Ditto to Debra's comment. (Except I wouldn't use the "c" word. JK!)

Financial struggles are a difficult thing to face, especially with no end in sight. Sometimes I still go through bouts of worry and helplessness. My best remedy is getting out and serving someone. This month I fasted about Kent's career direction and pay, and the Spirit answered me that for my part, I should just not say or ask Kent about anything having to do with getting a paycheck or if the foundation will ever get a donation. I suppose Kent feels the burden heavily enough without my reminding him that a paycheck would be nice. It's been a little hard, but knowing that answer came from God has given me peace that He is still watching out for us and not to worry about things for which I have no control.

Next time you feel mopey about money, lets go find something free to do with the kids!