Monday, December 08, 2008

a very belated tagging....

Oh crikey, it was nearly a month ago! (Sorry Jen!) And I'm afraid I'm going to have to break the tag chain, as I don't want to put unnecessary pressure on anyone during this busy month. (Please tag yourself if you wish!)

8 habits/facts about me

1. David and I had our first kiss on the Amazon River.

2. When standing barefoot, I frequently put my right foot on top of my left foot. I think I cover that foot when I'm reclined on the sofa, too. Quite a few years ago I noticed my mom doing the same thing, so perhaps it's genetic.

3. I love shopping at secondhand/thrift stores, like D.I. and Savers. Sometimes when I feel that uncontrollable urge to spend money, I satisfy it by "blowing" ten bucks there.

4. I don't like to own matching sets of dishes. (Cool dishes are one of my favorite things to buy at abovementioned stores.) I don't mind having four or so of a single style, but more than that--no thank you! I love selecting my current favorite bowl or mug that is just perfect for whatever food/drink I'm consuming. Granted, non-matching dishes take up more room both in the cupboard and the dishwasher, but it's a price I'm willing to pay.

5. I love Scrabble. And Boggle. And other word games. David does not love them so much, and whatever love he does have is likely diminished by the fact that I always beat him so soundly. But he still plays with me on occasion. That's real love, isn't it?

6. I like scary movies. I don't like horror or blood'n'guts, but I do like scary movies. I'm a big fan of X-Files and that sort of thing.

7. I'm a bit freaked out by the reality of having three kids. I don't remember feeling like this with the other two, but I think it's because when Spud was born, Noodle was still so little that she didn't seem like such a PERSON. Now both of the kids are full-on PEOPLE and I'm nervous about bringing another person into the world. It was easier when I thought babies were blank slates, open to programming. Kid 1 and Kid 2 have definitely taught me otherwise.

8. When I was a kid and would use the bathroom in the laundry area, I'd entertain myself by making new words out of existing words/phrases on the laundry soap containers. (I guess this likely ties in with #5.)

So, yup. Hopefully there are more interesting things about me, though I think I covered some of those with the last time I was tagged.

TAG! You're it! (But only if you want to be!)

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Jen said...

You ROCK, girl! So glad you played my little game -- I've known you awhile, but now I feel I know you just a little bit better! Love ya!