Monday, December 29, 2008


Maybe I'm a bad mom, but I didn't take very many pictures on Christmas this year. I've found in the past that I take too many and never look at them again, so I only took a few. Here are the kids modeling their homemade jammies on Christmas Eve, and then with their homemade monsters on Christmas Day. They both loved their PJs and their monsters, which made me happy. Spud got more LEGOS, some Transformers, and Magformers. Noodle got Littlest Pet Shop toys, A Build-A-Bear, and a Care Bear. The kids also got this awesome "Shakespeare for Kids" set from their Aunt Jenn (which I am probably more excited about than they are, at least for now! I know they'll enjoy them, too.) They also got some other fun books. From Santa they each got a little Littlest Pet Shop toy, a beanie bird, a flashlight and some treats. It was a good amount of things. Our budget was tight so we were careful not to overspend, and I don't think anyone felt deprived.

I made a bunch of monsters for other people's gifts, too. (My nieces and nephews, my SIL, a friend and her son.) I forgot to take pictures, so they'll be emailing me some and I'll post them, too. I'm certainly biased, but I think they are pretty dang cute. :o) I'm trying to come up with new ideas, too, so if you have any fun ideas, let me know.


TopHat said...

The monsters are so cute!

Debra said...

Those turned out so great! I'm sure the kiddos will love them. Sounds like it was a good holiday all around. Don't worry, I don't take many pics on Christmas either. They kind of all look the same year after year.

Mary said...

I love taking Christmas pictures, and my camera is dead so we have hardly any this year. :-( But it was kind of nice to just enjoy the moments without catching them on...a memory card.

Cute cute monsters! You'll have to ask Kelly to show you the Christmas and birthday signs she has given as gifts in the past. They're a fun homemade gift.

Tune said...

I love those toys you made! The pjs are pretty dang cute as well. You are amazing.
Love tune!