Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There has hardly been ANY work for me to do this week. Normally by the end of Wednesday I have 14-17 hours done. This week I've only been able to get 8. I've been working 30 hours whenever possible these past few weeks, but it's looking doubtful that there will be that much available this week. And then I can't help feeling a bit nervous that it might be drying up, when we really need the money (still).


And it doesn't help that they changed the calling setup at David's work last week and it really threw a wrench in his ability to make sales. So we're trying to explore our options, again. 34 weeks pregnant and at Christmas is not really ideal timing for this sort of stuff, but I suppose there never is ideal timing for hardship and trials. I've been doing remarkably well (especially considering me being me, and all) staying hopeful and relatively upbeat the past few months, but I feel like I'm wavering. Something has got to give.


Rachel Ferrell said...

Ah Mindy,

Andrew and I will start praying for you guys.

Love you and hugs.

mindy said...

Thanks Rachel. (Darn it, you made me go all teary-eyed.) Love you!

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Hey, I was going to tell you I thought the little nativities were too pricey too so I kept looking on Craigslist and I got mine for $10! You can even put an ad saying you want one with the price you will pay. Good luck. If I see one, I will let you know.

Julie Hall said...

I'm sorry you are frustrated Mindy. Jordan and I will keep you in our prayers as well. Love you lots!

Blue said...

i'm so sorry mindy! hey, this article was lovely and maybe would hit the spot for you today:

mindy said...

Thanks Blue, that was a good reminder. My favorite talk from Conference is actually the one all about hope (is it Elder Uchtdorf's? I'd have to pull my magazine out to be sure.) I think hope often is viewed as the "weak leg" of the faith-hope-charity 3-legged stool. I've really come to understand it more, though. I've realized that for people prone to discouragement and despair (like me), hope is probably one of the most important "commandments."

I'm doing better today.