Saturday, January 10, 2009

well, whaddaya know?

Last year I more than doubled the number of blog posts from each of the previous two years. Sure, many posts were just a video or a funny picture/link, and perhaps it's indicative of too much time spent online....but I'm still going to feel good about it, especially since it was a productive year in a lot of ways, so I feel okay with the evidence that I wasn't just frittering my life away at the computer. :o)

Super blogging fool, that's me.

Don't worry, though. I never forget this very important truth:


Nickie said...

But you care and I think that's all that matters. I care that I'm trying to do something I've never followed through with before by using my blog. I write for me.

Nickie said...

P.S. I lie you clips BTW.

andrea said...

that's one funny t-shirt! But some people do care! :)
I heart blogging!

Debra said...

I care! Even though my frequent "pauses" in reading/commenting/posting might say otherwise!