Thursday, January 29, 2009

this week

- have worked the maximum allowed 30 hours (whoo hoo!). A couple weeks ago, they cut a bunch of the temporary/contract workers (like me). The nice thing is, the work available has been more plentiful and steady. I think I was spared the axe because I typically work a lot of hours, and always managed to eke out the minimum 10 hours, even on weeks where there was barely tasks available. So I'm pretty grateful to still be employed!

- left the house! Yes, that is notable after last week. We had our first "homeschool co-op class" on Wednesday. Emily did a science experiment on solubility/solutions with the kids, and they also did mixing with colored water. It went really well. Prior to that, we picked up some Chuck E Cheese tokens (because I had a good coupon that expires Sunday) and played there for a bit. I used to think it was a "trashy" place to take kids, but it's actually not. It's quite clean and well-maintained. We never eat the overpriced nasty food, but we have fun playing the games and riding the rides. And when you can find the 100 tokens for $10, it's some good cheap fun. Yesterday we only had about 40 minutes to play and I let each kid have 6 tokens (we're planning on going back sometime soon with David) and they still had a lot of fun. There is a climbing area, also, and I felt good that the kids got to burn off some energy.

- took pictures of my friend Debra's super cute new baby boy. He turned one week yesterday. I wanted to be sure we had a chance to "shoot" him before my baby comes, as I'm sure I won't be up for much for a couple weeks after that.

- have decided that my baby is made of lead.

- have washed and folded all the gender-neutral baby clothes and pulled the diapers, covers & pail out of storage.

- made Sculpey dinosaurs with the kids for our Friday art project.

- pulled out the fridge and cleaned under & behind it. Man, that was gross!


Debra said...

Wow! Productive! What does it say about me that I've never cleaned under my fridge. I shudder to think what's there.

Mary said...

Since you are a super woman, and your family is incredible, I find it easy to believe that your baby is made of lead. (I hope you've seen "The Incredibles", otherwise this post makes no sense.)

mindy said...

mary, i wanted to post that clip of jack jack but couldn't find one. i'd been thinking about it all week!

Mary said...

Yeah, I guess it's a good thing he didn't burst into flames on arrival. Maybe that's why you've been hot all winter and glowing all along. :)