Sunday, January 18, 2009

my thoughts, exactly

Middle East "Crisis"

And I have to say, I don't really blame Bush for not giving it another try during his last days in office. I don't remember if I posted it here, but I was disgusted to hear one of the middle east leaders say that they were hopeful that Obama could bring peace to the middle east. Look, if you don't WANT peace (which I really don't think they do), NOONE can "bring" it to you. For who knows how long, both sides have had pretty much the same argument and neither side is willing to compromise, at least not in the ways that the other side finds acceptable. So there's no new wizard or magic potion that is going to solve your problems for you. Hmph.


Anonymous said...

Very, very true. Which is why we should back the hell off and tell them to fix their own mess.

Mary said...

Ditto Mindy. Though I admit to flip flopping. From a distance, I think, "Why should we get involved in helping countries like these--or Afghanistan, etc.--who have a track record of never having peace?" But when I think back to the scenes of Hotel Rwanda, I wish the U.S. could be the superhero that brings peace and democracy to everyone. Can't have it both ways I suppose.

mindy said...

I feel like there is a BIG difference between stepping in to assist an oppressed people (or help the victims of mass genocidal attempts) and trying to stop two capable entities who are hell-bent on destroying each other.

We watched Hancock last night, speaking of superheroes. I liked it quite a bit more than I thought I would, and it actually could possibly be viewed (with some imagination) as a metaphor for the U.S. in foreign relations. :o)