Monday, September 15, 2008

Utah State Fair

Last Thursday morning, Joe (my FIL) stopped by and invited us to go to the Utah State Fair with him up in SLC. We happily obliged. We were babysitting our little friend for the day, so she came along. It was a lot of fun. Highlights for me were seeing the tigers (trained and well cared for, they raise awareness and money for tigers in India), cotton candy, and the little "peep show" to see the Giant Gator. The latter felt so old-timey--it was $1 for adults and 50 cents for kids. Yeah, he just laid there, but I did get to see him blink his funky eyelid and we saw him move his arm and head. Which I dare say is a lot more than most people got to see him do. Those reptiles certainly know the meaning of "chill".

And I've decided I need a goat someday. A cute little one. Not the kind with no ears, they weird me out a little bit. And nope, we didn't eat deep fried anything. We stopped at Wendy's before for lunch, and 7-11 for slurpees afterward, so the only junk we ate while there was two of the 18" tall cotton candy.

It was a fun, exhausting day, and I'm looking forward to next year! Oh, that animal sculpture behind glass is made entirely out of butter! (Spud was pretty excited about that, though I think only because it made his mouth water!)

Sorry the pics are a bit pixelated...since there were so many I uploaded lower res versions.


Kent said...

That grayish goat with the spots has a cool coat! I thought about getting a goat for awhile in hopes that it would battle my morning glory for me. No need now! Looks like the kiddies had a great time.

BTW, what is an FIL?

Mary said...

Oops! I guess I need to log in as me. These first two comments are from Mary.

mindy said...

We loved that spotted girl! Too bad she wouldn't pose for a better picture. We still need to borrow your magical weed killer!

FIL=webspeak for Father-in-Law. Also, MIL, SIL, BIL, etc. :o)

Debra said...

Now I'm REALLY sorry we didn't make it up. Looks like a great time!

andrea said...

I LOVE goats! I so want one for you. That would be cute. My mother in law has one named Carmen. She is sweet. I love the fair. How fun!

*Mini* said...

Great pics. I love some of the angles you used.