Sunday, September 07, 2008

politics, schmolitics

Okay, so I don't think my blog is the greatest way to espouse my political views, mostly because the few people I've talked to thus far this political season seem to be deeply entrenched in their views and too prone to take offense. Also, it's just hard to convey things appropriately via the typed word, when things can come across harsher than they are.

My current politics in a nutshell: Don't like McCain. Don't like Palin. Respect Obama & Biden as people but yet don't know how I feel about them politically. And since I live in UT, am not sure if it matters one way or the other, since I don't know the last time this state wasn't overwhelmingly RED. ::sigh:: I do plan on investigating our more local races, though, as I want to make informed decisions in those.

Regardless of whose camp you fall into, I think almost everyone can appreciate this:


Debra said...

Yes, we tend to be touchy about our politics. I know I am. But I'm not touchy about candidates, but the whole stinking (and I do mean stinking) process. I'll stop there. You've heard it all before.

Mary said...

Ha ha ha! I think that song will be stuck in my head all day!

mindy said...

It's a catchy tune, all right. I think I've spent a couple days singing it over the past week or so.

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

We'll add it to the repertoire of songs we sing to Lucy...Love it!