Friday, September 26, 2008

Public Service Announcement

yeah, right.

My hope is that these ads might backfire. Perhaps all the people out there who are now unquestioningly consuming HFCS might see the ad and think, "Why is this even necessary?" and then they might start to notice how HFCS is in 99% of all processed foods, even "healthy" foods like granola bars.

I'm hardly a health-food purist and yes, I know there are a number of foods right now in my pantry/refrigerator with HFCS in them, and I think that truly in moderation, it's not going to completely sabotage your health. Really, the biggest problem is that it IS in everything. Additionally, the research has shown that it is metabolized differently than sugar. This could have significant implications. Our bodies have evolved with sugar for quite some time (especially fructose such as is found in fruit) and sugar should trigger a satiety point after a certain level of consumption. This is likely not true with HFCS. I do know that for me, personally, drinking a can of soda with pure sugar (i.e. Jones or "Mexican" coke) is much more satisfying than drinking a can of HFCS soda. It's very easy to overconsume HFCS products, where it doesn't seem to be the same with sugar. (Of course, some people would happily prove the exception to this.)

Anyways, if you are interested, this is a good article that doesn't jump to unfounded conclusions .

And I thought this spoof on the second ad was pretty clever.

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