Friday, September 05, 2008

at the fair

A few weeks ago (sometime in August, I really can't remember when it was exactly) we went to the County Fair with David's folks. It was fun, especially since Joe loves to buy "fair food" and will happily shell out twenty bucks so the kids can ride some overpriced rides.


andrea said...

pretty pics

Blue said...

i've never been to a fair with money to burn so i've been utterly deprived of the carnie experience. no battered deep fried PB&J's or Twinkies for me. But I just googled for a funnel cake recipe, and may just make some at home to simulate the experience (and smell) of the fair.

i love the vivid colors you've captured in these photos minday! you definitely have an eye for composition and color!

Blue said...

did i type minday? sorry! i obviously meant mindy! ;-)

Debra said...

Same thing as Blue--I've never had the pleasure of tasting the funnel cake. Isn't the state fair going on? Maybe I'll have to go just for that.

You're going to have to show up what you're doing to make your colors pop, other than just taking marvelous pictures to begin with.

mindy said...

wha??? no funnel cake!? I guess I am living the privileged life. (hahaha!) We didn't have funnel cake this time, but we did have an ENTIRE potato turned into twisty fries. Oh my oh my! I could eat that at least once a month. ;o)

Debra, you are asking for some top secret information... Actually, these pictures were me trying out a new thing. On my screen they look good, but I wasn't sure how they'd translate to other monitors. Glad they look okay. The color is a bit intense for everyday, but I thought it worked for the carnival shots--everything feels so LOUD and vivid there.

Mary said...

I LOVE the swing pic! It's a teensy blurred, but that just lends to the action and the retro feel with the colors.

I hate to admit, but I don't know what funnel cake is. I've had overpriced churros at Lagoon though. Is that close enough?