Thursday, July 24, 2008

my life, lately

David & I celebrated our 7th anniversary on Sunday. We went out for dinner on Friday, even though we really wanted to go see The Dark Knight, but it was sold out all weekend. We did go today, though. I thought it was excellent, even though it completely maxed out my violence/intensity tolerance. It's funny, because when we were married three or four years, it seemed like it had been quite a lot longer. I think because we packed so much into those first three years--a baby, both of us in graduate school. But seven years feels exactly right. It sounds as long as it feels, if that makes any sense. I am certainly grateful for that fateful trip to the Amazon nearly eight years ago. And grateful for all the factors that played into me getting to go. I'll have to tell that story sometime. I think it's a pretty good one.

I'm super excited about the new X-Files movie. I can't believe I didn't know about it until a few days ago. Which is probably just as well, since now I don't have to anticipate it for months. Although the anticipation can be a good part of the fun! I loved X-Files. One semester in college, a couple of roommates and I and another roommate's boyfriend would watch it every week. (The boyfriend would come over and wait for his girlfriend to return from work.) And David and I would watch it when we were first married.

David has a first interview with one company and a second interview with another company tomorrow. Also, things are moving forward on his investment project thing, so we are feeling much more hopeful about our near future job situation.

I took both required tests for the online job I'm trying to get. I passed the first one, but won't hear about the second one for a few days, I think. It would be really nice to have an additional income stream, especially since my babysitting "gig" is ending mid-August. Until summer started, I was getting about $250-300/month babysitting, which a number of times was just enough to bail us out of some really tight financial spots. We hope that those are behind us, but I will be happy to have a regular source of income to help pay down our debts.

Last Saturday we wanted to do something fun, but free, seeing as we have no money. We decided to go to the river (a couple of blocks away) and play around. We took some tennis balls and had a fun time tossing them upstream and then waiting for them to come back and catching them, and a couple of times we had to retrieve them from various encumbrances. I think there might have been a beaver dam of sorts there, but we didn't see any beavers. There are lots of gnawed trees in the area, though. We also stacked rocks (David is very good at making balancing rock towers) and generally just splashed around and had fun. When we bought this house two years ago, we were quite happy to still be close to the river trail. Our apartment was close, and we loved taking walks/rollerblading/biking on the trail. I am truly grateful for the beautiful area we live in. I hope our kids will have many fond memories of the nature in this area.

I taught the lesson in Relief Society on Sunday. I hadn't taught Relief Society since 1998 (I was the second counselor for a summer term before I left for Europe) and I was a bit nervous. Since I've been married, I've had chances to work with and teach the youth, but no chances to teach adults. I was kind of excited, in spite of my general loathing of public speaking. But then I found out that three of my good friends in the ward were all going to be out of town for the weekend. My enthusiasm dwindled. Luckily, by the time I found out, I'd already spent a fair amount of time preparing, so I didn't have too much to do besides get my outline on paper. I was happy to realize on Sunday that I have more friends in the Relief Society than just those three "buddies." I really really love our ward. I have found many kindred spirits, to borrow a sappy phrase from Anne of Green Gables, and it has been really nice to feel like we belong here and are welcome. We lived in our last ward four years and never got that feeling. I think maybe if we hadn't been apartment dwellers and viewed as transient that it might have been better. But the general attitude of the ward was much different. I am happy to be here. Anyways, my other friends stepped up to the plate and helped me greatly by participating in the lesson. The topic was Hope and Consolation in Time of Death, so it was definitely something I needed audience participation to do successfully.

We told the rest of the family about our baby. I'd been worried to tell my dad, seeing as we are presently jobless and I didn't want to hear any negative things, but he surprised me. (He does that sometimes!) Judging from his email, he was genuinely excited for us, and that really made me happy. He really is a great man. We just don't view the world from the same lens. But that's okay.

I'm sure there is more that I could blather on about, but this should suffice for now. Now, since I have a few minutes while David is out playing chauffeur, I'll try and check in on some of my friends' blogs. I've been so busy there hasn't been time.


Blue said...

I ♥ nice, juicy updates, and this was a great one. i live not too far from a creek, and it's my favorite thing. i can't get enough of the sound of it. and the scent. i fantasize about someday having a little thomase kincadesque cottage on it...but heaven knows if that will ever happen. for now, it's nice to know that within a 10 minute walk from my house, i can be at it's edge, and soak up the sound.

i'm glad you are hanging in there with such a terrific positive attitude. you're a wonderful example of optimism and goodness mindy!

Debra said...

Crossing fingers, hands, feet, toes and everything else that David's interviews go well!

You know, all the time we've lived here and we've never played IN the creek. How dumb is that? You'll have to point out where you went.

So sad to have missed your lesson. I really was bummed about it when I realized we were going to be gone. But I'll bet it was a great lesson. There are many people in the ward that you can call friends. You're right, we have a great ward.

Glad you're happy news was well received. Funny how much our Dad's opinions and reactions affect us, even when we hate to admit it.

Mary said...

I'm glad your lesson went well. In the ward I was visiting, the lesson went okay, but the teacher was one of those giggly types who laughed nervously at the more serious parts of her lesson, and I kept thinking, "I wish I were hearing Mindy's lesson right now." It is good to be part of this ward where everyone takes good care of each other. I often feel that I don't give enough attention to the friendships I have or the ones I want to develop. Everything else in my life seems to take over and before I know it, another week has passed and I've spent no time with friends in person or on the phone. So I'm glad you consider me a good buddy and that your expectations of me are lower than what I wish I could be. I am glad to count you as a good friend too.

mindy said...

Thanks all. Blue, I have to say my good attitude comes and goes. Somedays are better than others, but I've felt fairly hopeful on the whole, and for that I'm very grateful.

Debra, we will happily take the four of you to the river with us sometime. We have a great time, and I know the fun would be doubled for the kids with Connor & Nyah. (Mary, we'd love to have you guys, too, if you are up for it. We go to a great spot that is fairly shallow and manageable by even Clive for the most part.)

Mary, I think at this stage of young motherhood, there are certain things you really require out of friends, and one of the main things is that they not be too demanding, and willing to take and enjoy the friendship on somewhat sporadic terms. Other important things are a willingness to help out in a pinch and someone with whom to kibitz (so that's how you spell that!). Added bonuses are if the kids all play nicely and the husbands get along, too. And living close is a super awesome plus! :o) To have more than one friend that fits the above description makes me consider myself truly blessed.

andrea said...

I taught that lesson, too. I was really dreading it, as it's not the easiest topic in a room full of women. Who knows what personal losses each of them have endured! I feel it's crucial to have the women give feedback. I'm glad your lesson went well. Were you subbing or is it your calling now? It is my all time favorite calling. I love feeling the spirits of the other women. It's very powerful at times.

good luck to david and job searching. And good luck to you with your efforts.

Life's a Dance said...

7 years! That truly is amazing. I love how you talked about your trip to the Amazon and all that has come in between - you two have accomplished a lot in those 7 years. Congrats...and well wishes on the baby. I looked at your photography and it is great - what a fun hobby/job to explore.

mindy said...

Drea, I realized I didn't reply to your comment. I was just subbing, unfortunately. i think it would be a fabulous calling, but for now I'm a primary pianist and a Webelos den leader. I'd happily trade in the den leader calling for teaching R.S., though lately I've been pining over Y.W. callings. Sigh. I think two years full of 10 year old boys should be sufficient. We'll see.