Friday, July 11, 2008

lame blogging week

yeah, so it happens to the best of us, right? To partially make up, I'll give a bit of a recap of the last week or so.

For the 4th, we went to the parade in the morning, and it was my first parade in years. I actually had a good time, but I'm pretty sure that was due much more to the company than to the actual parade. Spud kept asking if the only thing to do was to watch. Afraid so, m'boy. The "big" parade in my hometown growing up was for Dairy Days, and many of the floats (especially the lame people in cars who you really don't care about) would throw candy, and they always handed out ice cream bars or ice cream sandwiches and little cartons of milk. So I am not very impressed with parades with so few freebies. One thing I did think was pretty cool was the giant balloons. Unfortunately there were only two, maybe three, of these. We liked this monkey one.

After the parade, we went and saw WALL-E, which is now one of my all-time favorite movies. Completely worth the ticket price, especially if your father-in-law is awesome and buys your whole family tickets. (No, you can't have him. Unless you're a single female between the ages of 20 and 26 and marry either Adam or Eric....) Loved it! The kids loved it too, so it's fun for the whole family.

Then we had a super delicious barbecue. Oh YUM! And I ate way too much but I didn't even care. It was some fabulous food.

After that, we tried to find a place to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks, but ended up picking a lame place so we left before the show started, then stopped on the way home to pull into a parking lot to watch them. So not quite what we'd planned, but still fun.

The day before the 4th, we went to the "Pioneer Village" downtown and visited the Printing Press museum and the other cool stuff they had set up. I think I need some stocks for the front yard. I'm all about reintroducing shame as a punishment.

This week has been busy, but not with anything particularly noteworthy. Noodle caught a really cool looking dragonfly, much bigger than the others I've seen around our yard. I took some newborn pictures of my friend Leah's new baby, which was a good learning experience. I finally came up with a name for my photography business (and no, I won't tell you yet...). I made it through the first screening for a part-time job that I could do at home. And I've been doing a lot of reading and housework. See, aren't you glad to know all this? I know it's hard to sit around and wonder, "What is Mindy doing with all of her time? She's not been ranting, raving, pointlessly pontificating or posting silly pictures." So now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


Native Minnow said...

I haven't liked going to parades ever since I got too old to run out and grab the candy that's being thrown out.

Blue said...

I can't wait to hear about your photography business and the new job! how goes the hubby's search?

i actually really enjoyed your post...the sneak peak into people's heads or live are my favorite kinds of posts!

queenie of the sea said...

Sounds like fun. I wish I could have been home for the 4th. That's ok. I love your pictures. I love the one of the kids... I think that's where they belong. keeps the mess down. ;D Just kidding. I also love your dragonfly picture. It's amazing! true talent my dear.