Friday, June 13, 2008

one of my (many) very cool nephews

My brother's family has been living in Belgium since last fall. My nephew Ryan just graduated from high school, and I'm glad to see he is putting his free time to good use over there.


Mary said...

Oh nooooo! Is this why you want to do a dance party video for LNO?! I don't know that I can sell anyone on making something for YouTube.

I kept thinking, "What is the message behind Captain Jack Sparrow searching through boxes and eating computer cables?" Then I realized, "This is a teenager. There is no deep message....How does the Church have the guts to send thousands of young men in this age group around the globe to represent Jesus Christ?!"

You like my thought process? I like the video and even found myself grooving to the chorus by the end of it! :o)

andrea said...

How funny! I feel he is my kindred spirit. My fellow music video maker. Too bad I made mine too long ago to be able to share them on YouTube. I especially like the part where he finally solves the rubix cube, and the part where he is wearing a yellow pokemon backpack. And who can forget the memorable playing with the dollhouse scene. It's sure to become a classic.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he had way to much fun putting this together! Dose he make lots of these?

*Mini* said...

Holy random. rofl!