Wednesday, June 18, 2008

cool news story

what a neat lady!


Mary said...

I'll admire her for sticking to her guns. But I can't help thinking that she could have done a lot of good with $1M. Obviously she doesn't care about being wealthy herself, but she could have donated to the Humane Society or other charities. Maybe I have this viewpoint because I wish more wealthy people would donate to the charity where Kent works. :-) Or maybe I just like living a more flexible life and look forward to the great opportunities life brings. I guess it's possible that Edith had already had enough excitement in her life and just wanted it to be stable and predictable after a certain point. I just haven't reached that point myself, nor do I know if I ever want to.

mindy said...

agreed--she likely could have done a lot of good with $1M, but sometimes it's okay to just do what YOU want to do, methinks. It's hard to be on the charity-end of things, too, though, and to want to do good but depend so much on others' whims.