Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Update on my niece, Emily, from my brother:

Well, we have some good news (of the mixed, uncertain

The attending physician last night concurred last
night with the diagnosis of "Dr. B" (for want of a
proper spelling of his last name) and recommended
treatment for Stills Disease - the juvenile arthritis
one. Talked to emmy's mom a few minutes ago, and she
says Emily seems to have responded well to that
treatment. So the good news is that we may have
solved the puzzle. The bad news, of course, is that
if so, our little girl may have arthritis that we need
to deal with. There are various levels of this
particular illness, so there is no telling at this
stage how severe the symptoms will be. Seems to be
evenly spread across the spectrum between mild,
moderate, and severe. So we are proceeding with that
treatment, and continuing to make other tests that
will help zero in on something. But, emily is feeling
much better today, and we appreciate your prayers and


I've been looking around online for more information about Stills, It seems like it does okay with treatment, but what a stinky thing for a kid to have to deal with. We're still praying for her.

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