Tuesday, August 02, 2005

City Council meeting

I went to the Springville City Council meeting tonight to "protest" the pit bull ordinance. Rachel was there, too, and she had prepared a lot of materials which she brought along with her. I think it was good that I was there, as I was a contrast to what the council members might have perceived as "typical" pit bull owners. Also, I was able to mention the point that my family was looking to purchase a home, and this ordinance really knocks Springville out of the running. (We actually have considered living there, but in all honestly we'll likely end up somewhere further south. But the ordinance would preclude us from EVER living there.) Anyways, Rachel presented some good information and I added my two cents, mentioning that I have been attacked by a black lab and a St. Bernard, so it isn't just pit bulls that attack. When Rachel left, one of the city council members went out into the hall and talked to her for several minutes, saying essentially that he is on our side and has been a dog owner for his entire life. He said they'll have to have the staff review the documents and draft a new ordinance, and he'll be in touch with her when that is ready to appear on the agenda. So, HOORAY!!

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