Monday, August 08, 2005

Another rant...

So, I'm getting increasingly UPSET about the pit bull hysteria as of late. Check out these reports of dog bites/attacks:

What kind of dog? (You can bet it'd be all over the story if it were a pit bull

Akita - not said until end of article

Fatality, not caused by pit bulls!

Anyways, I just get annoyed when i read reports that include inane comments by people who obviously haven't done their research, or who assume that pit bull = killer. Sigh... I guess I just have to fight for the underdog and for TRUTH!

(I need to go to bed!)


**RPM** said...

Look at that BAYBEEE!!!!

Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel your anger my friend. I have a pitbull - and it's the only dog I ever want to own for the rest of my life (that is of course if I can find a town to live in at the rate this fear and negative press is going)...

I pray that this goes the way that other hysterias re: "aggressive" dogs goes. Rotts have been through it, Dobermans back in the day went through it, maybe...this will die down and Pit hating will become passe. If it doesn't...let's plan to head for the border. Because no one is taking my precious girl from me. Pits are sweet, intelligent, comedic and engaging dogs. It's the people that raise them to be ugly that are assholes. This is flat out discrimination. Ugly and rampant.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll add you to my list and stay tuned.

Take care,


Amstaffie said...

I too get really ticked off when I hear negative comments about our beloved breed. We have to spread the word for the petbulls of the world, so that they will continue to be free.