Thursday, August 04, 2005

Awwww RATS!

A few months ago I started "officially" collecting rat/mouse paraphernalia, in large part because I am at my current max for actual rats. I think if I can move into a house and have a room that is more specifically for the rats, then I would like to get a couple females, but at present 5 rats is my limit. Anyways, it's been fun and I've picked up some fun pieces, and I already had a few just because. These pics are my junior boys Marco & Berkeley checking out their graven images. As I type this, they are running around exploring the living room. Cobar & Taj (their other cagemates) come out occasionally, but as they are getting up there in rat years, they often prefer to lounge around the cage. My other boy, Turbo, is antisocial with humans & other rats, so he rarely leaves his private cage (he was a humane society rat who I don't think was ever well socialized). I admit it. I'm obsessed. Rats really are fantastic little pets, though I don't expect most people who haven't had them to believe that. They each have their own "personality" and some are just like little dogs--demanding of attention and so excited to spend time with you.

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