Wednesday, March 03, 2010

one fine day

Today was a really nice day. Nothing extraordinary happened, but things went fairly smoothly, the sun was shining, and all was right in my world. I even took the dogs for a walk this morning at 7 a.m., and it wasn't cold! We had a productive morning doing school and were nearly finished by the time we took a lunch break at 1:00. I think a late lunch might be the key to us getting mostly done by lunch (which I think would be nice). After lunch, the kids and I took a walk around the block with my sister-in-law Tina, and Noodle practiced her roller skates. She's getting pretty good, I'm impressed. Spud tried his for a bit after we got home. I think we'll have to go to the skating rink soon so they can experience skating on a really smooth surface. It's harder, but more fun, too. After the walk, we spent some time outside just sitting on blankets and the kids played. Then I came inside to put Sprout down for his nap, and then I ate some delicious ice cream (with no kids around) and read a novel! It felt so deliciously decadent to ignore the many things I could have been doing (baskets of laundry to fold, things to organize, etc) and just have some "me" time. Perhaps I should do it more often. Seriously, the sunshine and warmer weather makes me feel like celebrating in a very pagan fashion. Where can I get a Maypole?

So, here's to spring and more fabulous days, where kids play outside, draw with chalk on the driveway, run around and through the yards and house, and don't complain to me about being bored.

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Virginia said...

It was a beautiful day, wasn't it? I am so excited for Spring.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

I love the title of your blog, and it makes me hungry for noodle salad every time I see it!