Tuesday, March 09, 2010

cake pictures

I can't believe I didn't get around to posting these pictures from Sprout's first birthday celebration. For the other kids, we've gotten them a free "1 year old cake" at a local grocery store, but this year I just made one. It was a very very yummy cake, thanks to my good friend Betty Crocker. I made the frosting myself, though. (Impressive, I know!)


Mary said...


I think I would have made a non-chocolate cake and then let Daisy and Rudy lick him (and the chair, and the floor, and the walls I'm guessing) clean. At least you can be sure he enjoyed it!

Come to think of it, it really would be fun to eat an entire cake like that. Maybe not topless, but yeah, I'm a little jealous.

mindy said...

hahaha!! (Ooh, I like your new profile pic. Very cute!)

When I worked at Jacob Lake, I started a tradition with our Sunday Night Treats. A group of 4 or 5 of us would eat our first dessert normally, then share a second one that we had to eat without using our hands or any utensils. It was pretty fun.

The walls were pretty safe. His high chair was a chocolate mess, though. It would have been nice to have a more dog-friendly flavor, but then the big cake wouldn't have been chocolate, and the best kind of cake is a CHOCOLATE cake!