Monday, July 13, 2009

when through the deep waters....

I had lots of time alone to think this morning. Two hours, in fact. But it wasn't the reclining-on-the-sofa or lounging-in-bed kind of thinking. It was the scooping-up-bucketsful-of-water-because-I-left-the-sprinkler-on-all-night kind of thinking. Yup. For two hours I scooped and carried and dumped, repeat. I was supposed to start some very cool workout thing with David this morning, but I thought I had to do my best to save the lawn. There is still more to scoop, so I'll probably go do a few more loads right now. My fingers were numb in a very weird way afterwards. And I now have sore muscles (which I'm sure will only get more sore) in places I haven't felt for ages.

I'm pretty sure that I'll never forget to turn off the sprinkler again, though. At least I hope not. Darn those natural consequences.

I also decided that I like irony as a literary element, but not so much in my own life.


Kent White said...

I read in Jana Reiss' blog today that part of keeping a good mental health is to be able to see yourself in the third person. She said: "In other words, happy people have the enviable ability to stand a little bit outside of their own stories and imagine themselves as characters in an unfolding drama. Like all characters, they experience conflict, but since they are the heroes of the story and not the victims, they have confidence that they can take it all on the chin."

Here's to rising above self pity!

Kent White said...

My comment link didn't work (different link requirements for blogger I guess). Here is Jana Riess' blog link:

mindy said...

That's interesting, Kent. And I think it is likely true. If you can take a step back from the reality of now, it is a lot easier to see the big picture.

And, as a sidenote, Facebook used to require that all status updates be constructed in the third person. I think that likely spurred a number of people into looking at their lives as dramas unfolding.

Thanks for sharing!