Sunday, July 05, 2009

budding entrepreneurs

Last Monday for FHE we went down to David's folks' house and picked cherries. They have three good sized trees, so we invited our friends along. We picked A LOT of cherries (turns out it was about 50 lbs). We decided to have the kids sell them on the corner outside our friends' house, as it is a fairly good thoroughfare for the neighborhood. The adults did most of the washing, sorting and bagging, but the kids did the sales. In total, they sold nearly $100 of cherries! We are using our have of the profits to go towards our homeschool supplies for this coming year. I think it was a good project for the kids, and they had some fun while they were at it, too.


The Patty Cake House said...

SOOOOO cute!!!!

R and R said...

What a GREAT idea! The signs are SO cute... and the kids are too, naturally.

Mary said...

The kids loved this project, and I loved the yummy cherries! You guys are using your money better than we are. We're just blowing it (after tithing of course) on a day at a waterslide park. Great pictures!