Wednesday, May 13, 2009

thank heavens...

for baby slings. For some unknown reason, Sprout is refusing to nap today unless I am holding him. He usually naps just fine upstairs on the bed, but not today. So after a couple of HOURS of holding him, I decide to just grab the sling and strap him in. Since he weighs about 17 lbs now, this is a much better way to hold him.

Last night we ran a bunch of errands and stupidly left all of our slings at home (we have three plus one that is missing). That is a mistake we won't make again! He was very content just being held in our arms, but we certainly could feel it!

On a semi-related note, we got a new battery for my pedometer. It calculates calories burned, also, based on your weight. I figure I can probably add 1-200 extra every day for packing around this "little" guy. :o)

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Debra said...

And thank heavens for people who share their baby slings with others! How did I get through two babies without them. I can't thank you enough for introducing them to me! I think you are safe calculating a good 500-700 extra calories for that boy.