Saturday, May 09, 2009

i guess i skipped over... birthday. Well, to be honest, there wasn't all that much to report. David's folks are always really kind to get me something nice, but we hadn't settled on anything this year. I was leaning towards chickens, but then decided that at present I'm not up to being responsible for any more living things. David tends not to get too into birthdays, preferring to do nice things and give gifts unexpectedly at other times of the year. Which is nice, but I would be lying if I didn't confess to wanting at least something to unwrap on my birthday. A very sweet friend brought me over a gift card, and I am enjoying contemplating what frivolous thing I should get with it. Another friend brought over some cookies that night, and another friend came back into town and brought me some delicious treats. Also, I went and bought myself a birdbath a couple days later for the backyard as my birthday present from David. The best part of the day was the delicious hot fudge brownie sundaes we had instead of a cake. I just wasn't in the mood for cake this year.

I think what I'd really like in the future is for him to coordinate something with the kids to give me. I know they'd like to be able to give me something, but they are too young to come up with things all on their own. And having Mother's Day the same week as my birthday (and also not having much fuss made over that) is also kind of a bummer.

Anyone want to come to my pity party? I've provide the cheese to go with my whine... :o)


Blue said...

hey, your pity party is nothing compared to the one i've been nourishing the past 5 months. i turned forty. FORTY! the 4-freaking-0 last december. the inlaw-side of the family has 7 birthdays in the month of december, so we generally have a get-together and celebrate all of us at once. so doc was planning on that being my big party. but then there was a big snowstorm the day it was planned for, so it was canceled. doc took me to see twilight that night instead...but it was actually a week before my birthday, so i just figured we'd do something with the kids at least. but the day of, he was on call overnight, so forty came and went with no cake, never blew out any candles. doc just told me i could add a bit of money to my "fun money" account, but didn't give me a gift or even a card. since he hadn't planned anything, the kids didn't really get to celebrate my birthday either. Gator made me a heart out of legos, and bunch made me a sign that said "39 Forever!", which i still have hanging on my wall. They were both very sweet all day too, which is of course priceless.

Still, I've felt secretly let down and under-appreciated by the doc-man ever since. but today he woke up early, went for a hike up the mountain and picked beautiful wild flowers which he arranged in a bouquet and then made me a yummy smoothie and delivered a breakfast tray with the flowers, some Chocolates (!) and gifts from the kids (made at school) and a card from him that was perfect. So i think he's redeemed himself. It's been a nice Mother's Day so far. I"m thinking i need to let go of the I-Turned-40-Pity-Party forever now.

Hope your Mother's Day goes better. FWIW, I appreciate your sunshiney posts and happy way of being! ♥

Mary said...

I wondered if Cinco De Mindy would do it for you. We should have put candles in your flan. ;o)

I'm not much of a gift person either--whether it's on the giving or receiving end. I would much rather spend time with my family and friends to commemorate events. So I guess it's unfair to expect Kent to get me a gift, but I usually still end up wishing that he had. Although, considering the gifts he's bought in the past, I guess I should be grateful that he doesn't waste our money shopping for me.

mindy said...

Mary, I had a great time at the party, but didn't really want to co-opt it for my birthday. :o) I think what really got me was David originally said he didn't have any plans for the afternoon, so I got my hopes up about maybe doing something fun as a family, but then he took off and was gone doing various things until early evening. It kind of hurt my feelings.

mindy said...

Blue, I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day! That does stink about your 40th--that's definitely a b-day that shouldn't be overlooked!