Monday, May 11, 2009

end of pity party

Yeah, I'm over it. I had a nice mother's day, complete with a homemade card (plenty of glitter) a primary teacher-assisted bookmark, and yummy food made by my husband. Also, a box of chocolates (that I specifically told him to get). I think next year for my birthday I'll just make sure he knows that I want something wrapped. :o) He's very accommodating and thoughtful, even if he isn't "into" birthdays and made up fake holidays.


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

I have come to learn that if I didn't tell Marc exactly what I wanted, then I have no right to be mad. But it does make a lot of sense in a woman's world that he should just know, right?

Mary said...

Glad your Mother's Day was nice. In a year or three, your kids will make you breakfast in bed and it will taste good and you'll love their thoughtfulness. I was very happy with my pancakes and cold scrambled eggs this year (the first time they've successfully brought breakfast upstairs).

Debra said...

I'm so behind in blogs! I'm glad your day turned out well. Matching expectations between spouses can be tricky business sometimes but you seem to be figuring it out. I'm still working on that. Just for the record, I think your a wonderful, wonderful mother. The amount of time you invest in your children is phenomenal and is paying off big time.