Wednesday, January 09, 2008

do I spoil my dog?

It snowed another six or so inches today. (I say another because we got about 4-5 inches on Saturday that hadn't yet melted off the lawns or the streets.) In addition to shoveling the driveway and the walkway this morning (which David was able to help with this time - hooray!), I shoveled off a large patch of grass for Daisy's bathroom needs. I've done this all winter. And really, it's probably more for me than for her. If she traipses out in the snow, she turns into a big snow-blob, which leads to severe tangling and matting, which takes me 2-3 times longer to comb out. Not to mention the puddles around the house as the chunks melt out of her fur. To avoid this, I shovel some potty spots AND put her in either her waterproof jacket or her snowsuit. I only pull out her snowboots when absolutely necessary, though, as she hates them so.

So, while to the uninformed observer it might look like I am spoiling my dog, really I'm just trying to minimize my work. Lazy, yes. Stupid, no.

(If my pictures & such were available and hooked up, I'd share a pic of Daisy in her snowsuit. It's pretty pathetic/hilarious!)

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