Sunday, November 04, 2007

sweet little box car

We got our wonderfully fabulous Scion xB back from the body shop yesterday. (It had a run in with a tree branch in two loooong cracks and two small cracks in the windshield that had accumulated over the past year and a half). Our rental car for the past two and a half weeks was a Dodge Magnum, which, while being cooler than a sedan, was still an evil car. If you didn't open the doors ALL the way, they would slam back into you. The second day we had the car I got my ear slammed by the door. And, while I got better at remembering, I got slammed in the back the day before we returned it. Hmph. Also, the windows are really high and the visibility is poor. But the thing does have a sweet, ginormous trunk. The thing looks like a hearse, and if you fold down the back seats, you can fit a coffin, or a long folding table in there, which we did. The table, not the coffin. I kept hoping I'd have a need to haul more stuff, but besides a couple of boxes of food storage, I didn't get to utilize it much. Anyways, good riddance!

So, last night driving home from getting a movie, David noticed that the car was really pulling to one side. Weird, we thought. The shop must have messed with the alignment. This morning, it was really bad, so half a block from our house we pulled over and tada! The tire was flat. It had a screw in it. We went down to Les Schwab Tires and happily they were able to plug the hole, and did so for free! Yippee!

Oh, and on the way to Les Schwab, we were in one of the turn lanes of a two lane turn, and got ran into the gutter by some unkempt guy in an SUV. We blared on the horn and narrowly missed getting smashed. That woke the guy up enough to get back into his lane, and then he got into the center lane and turned into a restaurant. Pretty good chance he was drunk. Luckily we all came away unscathed.

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