Thursday, November 15, 2007

farewell, Orion

My sweet ratboy Orion died this afternoon. He has been doing poorly the past month, but was hanging in there until the end. He had been in a cage by himself for a while as he tended to start fights, but the last month we had him back in the big cage, and I think that really helped him last this long. He even ate some macaroni & cheese at lunchtime. Give your furry friends a scritch in his memory tonight.

Orion was named for the "star" on his face (more correctly called a blaze). Also, all of my rats have been named after cities, and Orion is a city, though off hand I can't remember where.


Dean said...

oh no! i recognize that guy! sorry to hear he's gone.

mindy said...

Thank you, Dean. We miss him. He was always excellent with people (except for when he clamped down hard on my hand because I tried to break up a rat-fight), but sometimes he had trouble with other rats who disrespected his authority.