Tuesday, November 06, 2007

found in the yard today

Okay, so this isn't a picture of OUR garter snake, but it looks just like it. I was being a leafherd (which means I was corralling leaves into a pile) and I found him by the fence. Noodle was absolutely delighted, as she's wanted to find a snake since we moved into this house. David & I had each seen one in the yard in the past year, but Noodle hadn't. So now we're trying to determine whether we should try and keep him through the winter. I guess garter snakes like earthworms, which I would not have guessed (Thanks Dean!). So, we'll see. I have a tank that we could use, but we'd need a heat lamp, substrate, and of course determine an appropriate food source. If we can resolve the food issue, I'm not opposed to keeping him, as snakes don't require much in the way of cleaning, and that's my big issue with pets right now. Between a litter box, a rat cage, and a rabbit cage, I'm kind of at my max. Noodle really is enjoying the little guy, though.

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Dean said...

horray for snakes!