Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Update

We spent the weekend in SLC with David's family. Joe (my FIL) rented a couple of suites downtown for Saturday night, so we spent the afternoon Saturday there, the boys all attended Priesthood meeting together, and we watched the other sessions from the room. Overall it was fun & relaxing, though I must admit I was disappointed that everyone spent the evening watching various TVs (there were 3 in each suite). I guess we should have brought some games or something, but I don't know t hat it would have done any good. I like TV well enough, but it seemed silly to arrange for us all to be together, then to divide up and watch various shows that you can watch any time. So I took the dog on a walk, went to the store and then went for a drive, then went to sleep. I did have some nice chats with my MIL, though, and it was good to see Tina for a bit. She seems to be enjoying college and keeping her grades up, so good for her.

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