Thursday, October 11, 2007

gratitude attitude

Today I am grateful for our cat, Minnie, who although she does NOT like being picked up and held, frequently seeks David or I out for some lovin'. Today I was upstairs reading the 7 Habits and she hopped up on the bed beside me and snuggled with me for a while and demanded affection. I think I'm genetically wired to like furry things, as I've loved both toy and real animals my entire life. But there is something extra fabulous about a living creature of another species seeking out your company. I feel it is such a privilege to have the trust of these small creatures.

I'm also grateful for David and his pragmatic approach to life. Even when I get bothered because he doesn't get emotional like I do about certain things, I think deep down I'm still grateful that he can hopefully balance me out. We're a pretty good team, I think. I'm grateful for that.

And I'm also grateful that the same week my monitor decides to give up the ghost, my neighbor sent out an email about some old monitors they were getting rid of at work for only $15. And while it's not nearly as beautiful as my "lampshade" iMac, at least it works.

But I'm NOT grateful that the lifespan of an LCD screen is about 5 years. Which is how old my iMac is. I'm also not grateful that they don't repair them for less than a zillion dollars. Because I don't really like the new iMacs nearly as well.

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Native Minnow said...

I like the new imacs better. I like my new macbook better than that ;-)