Saturday, May 14, 2011

so awesome!

So a couple of years ago we found out that our backyard neighbor is the son of my dad's best friend (now deceased) from childhood. This neighbor sent me the following pictures the other day, and I think they are the youngest I've ever seen of my dad. They make me so happy. There is just something neat about being able to see your parents as children and realize they are essentially the same person they were then, even though they've been educated and "roughed up" a bit over the years. My dad turns 76 this summer.


Mary said...

Very cool! I wonder whom else around here you have past connections with.

R and R said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Before reading the post, I thought, "That face looks kind of familiar..." Do you think any of us bear any resemblance to him? I can't really see it. Hmm. I remember my 5th grade teacher saying, "You must look a lot like your dad, because you don't look anything like your mom." Who knows.