Tuesday, April 26, 2011

all that and a bag of chips

I've decided that if I blog at least monthly, my blog is not dead. Aim high, right?

Last week for Earth Day the family and I headed over to the River Trail to pick up trash. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining and it was nice to get out and enjoy the trees in blossom and see just how crazy high and fast the river is flowing right now.

We had a nice time, picked up a garbage bag filled with garbage, including a number of soda cans for Spud's can recycling efforts (he and his Pop Pop make pretty good money...for a six year old, anyways). As we were finishing up by the new bridge over the river, the kids were exploring and Spud found an unopened medium sized bag of barbecue potato chips. It was probably somebody's stash or forgotten snack, but we claimed it as our own and enjoyed it as our reward for our good deed!


babygonzo said...

YAY! Mindy's blog is back :-)

Mindy, I know you have no shortage of things to do... but I have missed you in the blogosphere to be sure <3

Us said...

I like your goal of once a month. I haven't written anything since Halloween! Its hard keeping up with everything. I decided I ought to write less little snippets on facebook and put them on my blog. Its important to journal and with being a housekeeper, homeschooling, chef, the work never ends! Good luck with your goal, and great idea for celebrating Earth Day. Holidays are another hard thing for me to fit in, we nearly missed Easter! I have been working so hard with my 2 older and basics lately, and the 2 younger with potty training, teething and crankiness. I decided if I have still have my sanity and my love of learning when they leave home that I will have survived the whole parenting/homeschooling gig quite well! Great pictures. Thanks for posting this to FB, it inspires me to reach higer--take the camera and take pictures of the simple sweetness of life.

Take care!