Wednesday, October 06, 2010

life divided

So, I have a hard time sometimes deciding what to post on this blog, and what is better off on my homeschooling blog. I would love to have a snazzy combined blog, with different tabs across the top, but I don't know how to do that. So, I have two blogs.

Anyways, yesterday we went on a bike ride again with some fellow neighborhood homeschoolers. We rode along the river trail again (last week we rode out to Utah Lake) and it was cloudy and a light rain fell occasionally. The colors along the trail are AMAZING, and the cloudy day made them all the more vibrant. I imagined I was on a vacation in the pacific northwest. It was perfect, you could wear a jacket or not and be comfortable. I love that type of weather.

I am presently quite content in my denial of winter. Last week was unseasonably warm (mid to high 80s), and I really felt it was just as it should be. I feel the need to come up with a survival strategy for winter, but that would require admitting that it really is just around the corner. I need to start my Christmas sewing projects, which is at least something that makes it bearable. Yeah, I'm a dork. Or nerd. Or geek, or whatever type of person it is who likes to sew things.


All of us, but mostly Heidi said...

Are you calling me a dork? or nerd? or geek? j/k I like to sew things too!

Fall is a great time!

Whitney said...

Ha Ha! I think I must be a dork, too! As far as a cool "tabbed" blog, I like your two blogs- but if you really are looking for that, Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates by Lena Toews has some free templates with tabs. What projects are you sewing?