Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, Friday, Happy Days

So, I would have sworn there was a line in that song that said, "Good days, Happy days," but I looked and nope. There isn't. Oh well.

Today was a happy day. There were a couple of hiccups/bumps along the way, but it was overall a really nice day. We ate lunch outside on the patio set that David's dad bought me, and I got to spend a few minutes weeding the lawn. The kids invited the neighbor across the street's dog over so they could play Dog Hotel with their friend. I made dinner for our belated birthday celebration with David, and then the kids and David (and me, some) played outside with our parachute thing. Sprout was hilarious and would explode with excitement when we'd start moving the parachute to bounce the balls. So fun. Then we had brownie sundaes for his birthday dessert. Yum!

I am trying to do better at noticing and enjoying the little things in my life that bring happiness and really savor those moments. Like the way Sprout can't help but start dancing when he hears some good music. And the funny things the older kids think of to do and say. There are enough of these moments to fill my life with joy if I learn to bask in them. It can be too easy to get dragged down by the things that go wrong. I'm going to try harder to be lifted up by everything that goes right.

I also had some fun looking for funny tee shirts for David for Christmas this year. It is kind of a tradition that I give him one or two every year now. This isn't one of the funniest ones, but I think it is really cute. I think this year I will finally have to buy this one because I love it so much, and just thinking about it makes me smile.

I love funny.


Whitney said...

I love this post Mindy- I have also been trying to look on the bright side and notice the good things in my life. Thanks for sharing your joy!

Mary said...

The Canada shirt is pretty good. Even funnier, to me, is that the model on the website showed off the T-shirt in five different poses. It's not that complicated. I pretty much picked up the gist of the shirt in just one pose.

mindy said...

Whitney, it was your blog that made me think to try a little harder.

Mary, hahahaha!! Yeah, probably one pose is sufficient. I think some of those t-shirt sites have people send in pics of them wearing the shirt, so maybe they want to make the most of the buyer's effort. They do that with almost all of their shirts, I think. I never really thought about it before, so now I can laugh at that, too. :o)

Pam Williams said...

My son is a tee shirt nerd. We recently got him one that has a name tag on it like you get at conferences you go to. It says, "Hello. My name Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." I think this year it's going to be a Dread Pirate Roberts tee shirt.

mindy said...

Pam, that Inigo Montoya one is awesome! I love that.