Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Like, Don't Like


30 Rock
Ugly Betty
Modern Family

Don't Like:

American Idol
Other Reality-Type Shows
Lawyer shows
Crime shows

I like funny. And escapism. I like to be sucked up in a funny world for a little while, not subjected to the drama of other actual people. Isn't that why we have family and in-laws?


Kirbell said...

Love 30 Rock - I think that is where any creative writing for SNL has ended up...
Maybe I don't have enough drama in my family, but I love Survivor and Amazing Race.

Mary said...

Well, I guess someone has to like the gay shows or they wouldn't still be on the air. ;o)

The Office is my weekly dose of funny. I love its over-the-top awkwardness.

Mary said...

I just realized I might need to be more PC. The "gay" reference is an inside joke and no slam on homosexuals. (I forgot the ramifications sending my written word into cyberspace without proper context.)