Monday, June 01, 2009

last week...what a week!

We got off to a good start, at least...

On Memorial Day we got a lot of work done, plus I got to go to Savers with my friend Leah (in case you didn't know, Savers has everything 50% off on all holidays) and got some great stuff. Some jeans for Noodle, a cool vest for Spud (that he wore nonstop the next two days), some clothes for Sprout, a little stuffed toy for Noodle & Spud, I also got four very cute juice glasses (okay, to the untrained eye they probably look like plain juice glasses, but trust me...) and two fabulous blue dinner plates. And it was fun to hang out with Leah for a bit with just the babies.

Monday evening we went and had a picnic at Rock Canyon Park which was also a lot of fun.

Tuesday morning our internet was down. And it was down Wednesday. And Thursday. There were a couple of hours during those days when it "flickered" on. This wouldn't be such a big deal if my job didn't require the internet. On top of that, we have this preschool thing for Spud that he is supposed to do 5 days a week, 15 min/day that requires internet, and we are also working through some online phonics lessons with Noodle. So, not having the internet was a major disruption in our regularly scheduled life.

David's grandmother came into town on Monday, his sister Tina arrived on Tuesday and his other sister Jenn came on Thursday for their youngest sister Anita's graduation. So there was all those things to do, too. David and I had a "misunderstanding" on Thursday morning, which caused hard feelings between us the rest of the day. Thankfully we had a chance on Friday to talk and resolve things. After nearly 8 years of marriage, we still have serious glitches in our communication at times. We feel like we're finally making some progress, though. I think we'd been stuck in a rut for quite some time.

Jenn came to hang out with the kids on Friday, then Friday evening she, David & I went out for dinner. The kids slept over at their Nana & Pop pop's house. I worked a whole bunch of hours to make up for the downtime.

Saturday the internet was down for a while again, my computer crashed, I had book club and then we had a family BBQ with David's family. The evening ended with us all trying to mediate a dialogue between Joe (David's dad) and Anita. She is having a really hard time being at home and the parents, especially Joe, aren't making it easy. He says hurtful things to her without realizing or remembering them. We had to end before we made much progress, but we are planning a "group session" for later this week. At least Joe is willing to try. Most fathers of his generation wouldn't even bother.

David & Keith are in the processing of restoring my computer and we bought a 1 terrabyte back-up drive since it is essential for my photography business. Oh, last Saturday I did a family portrait session with a very cute family in our ward. I'll report when those are on my website. So I've also been editing photos this week.

This week was a painful reminder that my life doesn't function smoothly without an internet connection. Weird to be so dependent on something.

So, yeah, that's my life lately. And Noodle turns SEVEN this Tuesday!!

(And the irony is that the internet died yet again as I was trying to get this posted Sunday afternoon....)

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Debra said...

Wow, behind as usual with blogs. But no WONDER I haven't seen much of you lately. Sheesh. Are you still having Internet problems or have you been pretty stable. Not a good thing to have when some of your livelihood depends on it.