Monday, September 19, 2005

David's birthday was Friday. He's 28!! I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting, from scratch! I was proud of myself, and he really enjoyed the cake. So, yay!! That evening we went out for dinner with the stake president (church position) and his wife, who had wanted to take us out for Indian food for a while. It was delicious, and a lot of fun to spend the evening with them. We stopped back at their home afterwards to watch clips from the comic Brian Regan, who is hilarious. David and I laughed so hard. We're going to try and find a video of his to rent, because he was great.

We've kind of decided/realized that it really won't be feasible for us to move down to St. George until January, at the earliest. The housing prices down there are just such that it will require more $$ for down payment & closing costs than we have at present. Also, he's hoping that in December/January he can ask for a raise to better support us down there. Other than the high cost of housing, the cost of living down there is about the same as here. So, we'll see. We're both kind of bummed about the reality of the situation, but oh well. We both just really want to leave this apartment, and would REALLY like to be out of town before winter begins...which will unfortunately most likely be in about 6 weeks! We are not snow people. So the plan is to keep living as "poorly" as possible, and to save about $1500/month. Adding $6K to what we have would give us about $13K, which would be an okay down payment, I think. More than 5%, but less than 10%. In a perfect world, David would receive some sort of "backpay" for the work he's been doing on the bank for the past 10 months (even $1000/month would ROCK!) but sadly that's not going to happen. He does have a couple of things that could help speed up the process, so we'll just have to pray for one or more of those to work out, too. That'd help out a lot. It's kind of discouraging for me to just be sitting here at home, not contributing financially, but I guess my part is to help us save the money, since I can't earn it.

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