Friday, February 10, 2012


This has been a sickly week around our household. Noodle started us off, then Spud & Sprout followed (the two of them are the only ones to have vomited), then after a night spent helping Sprout and sleeping little, I fell prey on Wednesday. Not fun. And it seems David has gotten a bit as well, though he usually holds up better than the rest of us if he can keep it from settling in his chest.

So, the house is a huge mess. Which at least now I have an excuse for, though I am trying to muster up some energy now to clean the downstairs so it will be more pleasant to hang out here this evening. We'll see. Obviously I am stalling by writing on my blog, so you can see it isn't a really high priority.

On Wednesday, when I felt really awful, I got over 250 pages read and it was so delightful. I really need to figure out a way to read more in my "regular" life. I think it too often feels too decadent and I can't justify it when there is so much WORK to do, but I seem to not have to justify facebook, email, general internet searching, etc. Something seems a little wrong there.

Last week the kids and I went to a performance of The Merchant of Venice at BYU. It was really great, and while targeted at children, still used Shakespearean language. I had neither seen nor read this play before, and was happy to learn that it is the source of a number of famous sayings, such as (paraphrased} "If you cut us, do we not bleed?" It was a very moving tale of justice and mercy, and I was glad for the food for thought it gave me. Yesterday we saw the ballet The Snow Queen (also at BYU). I actually do rather like to watch dance performances, but think that about an hour is just about perfect for those types of things. I definitely prefer musicals and plays to ballets. It may be due to the fact that I really like words and like having the dialogue/lyrics to focus my attention on.

Well, this is not any sort of interesting, really, but it will still count for a blog post for the month (shall I neglect to come up with anything more stimulating to post later), so there you go. I really appreciated the comments and feedback from sharing my talk with you all. It has continued to give me good stuff to chew on as I try to figure out what areas in my life need improving right now.

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