Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, after 36 hours, Noodle's eye was not much improved, still quite swollen. So we went in to the InstaCare this morning and the doctor gave her a prescription for a steroid. The swelling has noticeably gone down, for which she is very grateful. The doc said we should be vigilant with future stings, as her body might be forming a "memory" which could result in an allergic reaction.

Poor kidlet.

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Blue said...

when i was a kid my dad was a bee keeper, and kept his hives in our yard. i got stung a lot. eventually he developed an allergy to them, but he just carried an epi pen around in case he got stung. when my reactions started to get worse, he finally got rid of them. i'm pretty careful now if i get stung. i know how to remove the stinger to not inject the poison into myself, and i immediately take benedryl and ice it. so far i've been lucky enough (only stung twice in 25 years) to avoid dangerous reactions. don't want to learn the hard way though.

poor noodle! the itching was what was so maddening for me! ♥