Friday, December 04, 2009

oh the boogers!

Sunday we left church after Sacrament meeting because Noodle was all sniffly. Monday, Sprout started in. Spud held off until Wednesday night and I finally succumbed last night. (Not surprisingly, since Sunday, Monday & Tuesday nights I got very little sleep tending to little Sprout.) Noodle is all better today, and was pretty good yesterday, too, so I guess I have a couple more days of this. I keep having mad crazy sneezing fits, which leave me feeling rather discombobulated. Better than painful coughing spells, but nonetheless unpleasant.

I'm amazed that we've been able to get as much done this week as we have. My folks are coming into town in the next hour or so, and while I'd like the house to be cleaner, at least the room they'll be sleeping in is presentable.

This is our first cold since starting school, so I think we are doing pretty good, healthwise. No doubt we caught it from some cousins at Thanksgiving last week. Sometimes I wish it were possible (and more fun) to adopt an isolationist strategy from November until March. Dealing with illness is such a drain. (Both literally and figuratively!)


Mary said...

We unwittingly spread Fifth Disease around the Thanksgiving dinner table last week. It's one of those illnesses that you don't know you have until the rash shows up two days later, at which point you are no longer contagious. So really, it's no big deal for most people, but I had to call and alert the pregnant relatives we were with that they should have a blood test done because we had exposed their babies to a virus with fetal complications. Fortunately, they were very understanding, and since we don't all live like Bubble Boy, these things happen.

babygonzo said...

I had the exact same cold over the last weekend... lots of sneezing and boogers. So, i think we can trace the germs through the gonzalez line (very likely Eric). Though, i think its going around, so there could have been more than one point of contamination.

Glad to hear you guys are on the mend. Can't wait to see you again at christmas!