Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well, I haven't posted much about him since his arrival five and a half weeks ago, but it isn't because I'm not madly in love with this little guy. He is SUCH a sweet little baby. He really doesn't care to fuss much, only when he needs to tell you what's going on. The first three or so weeks he LOATHED getting his diaper changed, but now he's cool with it. He's still not a huge fan of having clothes put on or off if they have to go over his head, but he doesn't cry every time we do that, either, so he's learning that his head will not, in fact, come off with the onesie.

During the night, he sleeps pretty well. We co-sleep with his crib next to us, though for now he's still on our mattress. He wakes up a couple times usually to nurse, but then goes right back to sleep. He also takes pretty good naps during the day. Today he sat happily in the bouncy seat while I bounced him softly with my foot while I brushed Daisy. He's not a huge fan of the car, but usually calms down after a bit.

I think we got some early grins today...very subtle, while we played peek-a-boo. Soon enough, I'm sure.

He had his first cold this past week. We were a but nervous since he is so young, but he came through it all okay.

Oh, and he doesn't have colicky (i.e. unexplained fussy) times AND he doesn't spit up. So he's pretty easy to have around.

His baby acne still flares up, and I wonder if it's stuck around this long because I'm having some thyroid issues.

Noodle has been a great big sister. She loves
to carry him around, which is pretty cute because he's almost half her length/height. She does great, though. She is careful with him and is happy to walk around and do anything she can to help him be happy. It's great to have an extra set of arms that can hold him while I do other things occasionally. Spud loves him, too, though he isn't really interested in holding him. Mostly he just asks how he's doing and brings him toys and such.

So, yeah, Sprout is doing great.


The Patty Cake House said...

He is changing so fast!!!! He is adorable!!!

R and R said...

By the look on his face, I sense a little bit of culture shock.:) I am glad he is such a sweet baby.

mindy said...

R-perhaps. :o) He has actually been a bit slow to come to his "bright-eyed" stage. Our other kids were much quicker to become non-blinkers! Maybe his eyelids weigh more...

Thanks Em. It's crazy how much they grow and change in the first couple of months!

Mary said...

I love easy babies! My third was very easy too. Her middle name, Naomi, means comfort, and she has lived up to it. I was so nervous to get another screamer that her easy temperament was truly a comfort to me.

Sorry he got sick. I'm sure he caught it here, though I don't know who was contagious. No one showed symptoms that I know of. I guess my first gift to him is his first set of antibodies!

Phil, Heidi, Oliver, Berkeley, Orson and Presley said...

Congrats on the baby, if I have not already told you. He sure does look older/stronger then a 5 1/2 week old! I am totally with you on the extra set of hands. Oliver, my 7 year old, is not so fond of holding Presley, our newest, but my 5 year old daughter can even tend to her while I take a nap! It's great. Oh, wait...did I just admit that? --Heidi

Debra said...

I just can't get over what a good, sweet baby he is. And he's a looker, too. I admit I'm envious of the lack of spit-up, oh, and the lack of crying. Ha!

I have to see Noodle with this guy. It won't be long until he'll be carrying HER around!

Native Minnow said...

I'm glad that he's doing so well. And that he seems to be easy going because that translates into you guys doing well too. At least I hope so.