Saturday, February 14, 2009

i dream of...

someday having a "style". Call it fashion sense or whatever, but I would love to have it someday. And I would love it to correspond with enough money to indulge it occasionally.

I see the people on this blog and think they look so put-together.

Till then, I'll maintain my jeans, tee shirt and sandals style. At least it's easy. And comfortable.


Debra said...

All you need is a lot of tweed and a cigarette!
: )
But seriously, I wish I was better at things like that as well. I have friends who can do awesome things with finds at second-hand and vintage stores.

Phil, Heidi, Oliver, Berkeley, Orson and Presley said...

I love how random you are!...and congrats on the baby. I think it's pretty amazing that you can have a newborn in the house and even THINK about your style :) --Heidi

mindy said...

Well, Heidi, since even my tee shirt and jeans style is eluding me for the present, all I can do is dream! ;o)

Debra, TWEED! You're right, that does seem to be a key. I wonder if they make it in a non-itchy variety!

R and R said...

Probably not for you! Aren't you allergic? I would feel good if I made a point of styling my hair and applying makeup more than twice a week... or maybe I wouldn't.