Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Holidays, from the Family Pets!

"See how we are waiting so patiently for our food? Well, that patience will soon run out!"

"We like to play in this paper. Isn't it great to have a mom who leaves junk around the house for us to play with?"

"This is where I hang out while mom is running her errands. Do I look sufficiently bored?"

"This small hairless one likes to hang out with me. I allow it."

"There seems to be a fat intruder in my house. Huh."

"Look, there's a reason there are no holiday tales about cats. We hate holidays. And this is why."


queenie of the sea said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL! I'm Laughing out loud for reals. OMG that was great. Awww... Jake looks like he's having a great time. As for your cats, I can't believe you would allow someone to put one of them in that costuem. LOL great stuff. I can't wait to see Jakie!!! I know what I could get him for Christmas, but what does he "want"? Do you guys need hay or anything? I want to get him something. Anyways, thanks for the blog comments, and thanks for sharing the pictures with me. Those are great!

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

The cat's expression in the last photo says it all!

Hilarious photos!

andrea said...

Cute and funny. Silly silly. Love it!

Native Minnow said...

Normally I hate it when people dress up their pets, but this made me laugh. Kudos to you!